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Welcome to the Veintitantos (twentysomething) magazine cover archive.

Veintitantos magazine was first published on June 1994. It's a 100% Mexican magazine, full of features on relationships, work, sex and other issues that appeal to women ages 18 to 30.

GEN (Grupo Editorial Notmusa) is the second largest magazine publisher in the country. Other Titles from Notmusa are: Mujer Nueva, 15 a 20, 4 Ruedas, H, TV Notas,

When the magazine was first released, it's price was 6.00 pesos ( around 2.00 USD in June 1994). After 1994's great Mexican crisis the magazine tried it's best to keep price and quality at the same level. Almost 10 years later, you can buy Veintitantos magazine for 25 pesos (around 2.5 USD in 2003)

personally, I think it's the only magazine that can compete with Cosmopolitan in Mexico because articles are written by Mexican young men and women and destined to people just like them. people feel the magazine understands them better.

Fashion spreads often portray local and unknown (like Elsa Benitez at that time) models and middle class affordable clothing. They have never used a celebrity for the cover, only Latin models and unknown models.

The sex content is about Cosmo's rate, but often dealing with Mexican taboos.

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Current Issue
February 2008

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