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JJ Bis

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bis is JJ's little sister. It's not as heavy as JJ and it features fashion for younger girls than JJ.

One thing worth mention of JJ bis is the High quality paper and sparkly covers... If you click on any of the scans below, you will see that the image looks fuzzy. The plastic coating for the cover sparkles when you move the magazine... Very COOL!!!

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JJ Bis October 2005

JJ Bis June 2005

JJ Bis January 2005

JJ Bis September 2004

JJ Bis May 2004

JJ Bis February 2004

JJ Bis December 2003

JJ Bis November 2003

JJ Bis October 2003

JJ Bis September 2003

JJ Bis August 2003

JJ Bis July 2003

JJ Bis June 2003

JJ Bis February 2003

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